This module is composed by the perfect integration between data generated by the John Deere harvester and the ID-COTTON FIELD mobile module. Data is collected in the field, including producer, farm, variety, planting field, border strips, humidity, location and contaminants, immediately creating the E-TICKET of the bale.

This module is also aimed to the producer who benefits from outsourced or cooperative cotton plants, so that the packing list is generated directly to the processing unit. This guarantees to the producer full control of bales sent and processed by the plant in real time.


The ID-COTTON PORTAL collects all data from bales in real time at the truck's entrance in the scale, sending these data to the clients' ERP applications and exporting all data to the ID-COTTON CHECKLIST mobile application.

Checklist/ Yard

The mobile application validates the unloading and directs it the storage stack, closes the package list for adding it to the cotton company management system and for weight apportionment.

It also provides the E-TICKET of each bale with all relevant data.

Order Of Processing

ID-Cotton generates the packing list, creating bale 'lungs' for processing according to the classifier filter defined, choosing from variety, producer, humidity and contaminants.

Bale Breaker

After receiving the Processing Order, ID-COTTON validates each bale on the bale breaker in a way that, in the event of a intruder bale entering the bale breaker in the wrong processing order, the machine operator is warned by a light warning and can then remove the bale before uncovering it. This guarantees that only specified bale will be processed uniformly and with better results for the arroba (aprox. 15kg) of cotton lint.


After processing the cottonseed, bale data is migrated to smaller cotton lint bales. Then, a new RFID tag is added containing all production history and will be employed to blocking, loading and traceability management thus adding value to the cotton lint client.