The System


ID-COTTON eliminates process flaws during labelling and identification of harvested bales. Forget about manual labels, handwritten spreadsheets, painting on covers and all other methods for identifying producer, farm, variety, planting fields, border strips and contaminants.

ID-COTTON devlivers a complete yard and processing management. It avoids varieties contamination that could lead to a quality drop for the final product and as a result a descrease on the price of cotton lint.

Meet ID-COTTON solutions for cotton traceability.


ID-COTTON unifies existing technology during the harvesting process. It can also be integrated with Jhon Deere machines and cotton baling developed by "TAMA Farm Group".

We create a unique identifier for each cotton bale and apeend all valuable data for the next steps of cotton chain, This not only adds value during all processes but also brings economy and increases the final price for the cotton lint.


  • 1) It ends with any hassles during tagging and identification of each bale on field;

  • 2) It increases productivity when collecting and reduces teams on field;

  • 3) It helps on managing contaminants when still in the field;

  • 4) It is the end of missing bales due to errors of faults during initial identification;

  • 5) Each bale comes with a unique identifier;

  • 6) It makes easier to manage shipping with production reports;

  • 7) Bale tracking in real time;

  • 8) Major reduction in scale usage;

  • 9) Yard management using filters such as producer, variety, planting field, contaminants, among others;

  • 10) Fully integrated with agricultural and ERP's systems being used by costumers;

  • 11) Bale information at any moment using ID-COTTON's e-ticket;

  • 12) Cargo packing and bale entry control for Bale Breaker processing

  • 13) Full control of variey, humidity and contaminants before the ingress on the processing line;

  • 14) Real saving of personel, labels and faulty and time consuming manual processes;

  • 15) Real gain on final cotton lint value;