Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why using ID-COTTON?

    Increased productivity, reduced operating costs, process improvement, reliability and traceability, in a reliable and safe way.

  • I own a mixed machinery plant, can I use ID-COTTON?

    Sure! ID-COTTON operates with all harvesting methodologies, from small to big bales.

  • My harvesters produce only big bales, how to use ID-COTTON?

    We provide ID-COTTON RFID tags to be added to these bales, and by using the mobile app they are managed as RMW bales generated by 7760 and CP690 harvesters. In other words, ID-COTTON is suited to any machinery plant.

  • I'm a producer, but I outsource the cotton processing, why using ID-COTTON?

    ID-COTTON is suited to all stages of the cotton production process. Even if you are not processing it, you will be able to collect all crop data, identify it, generate georeferencing data, issue the packing list for the cotton company responsible for processing your cotton and being notified every time your bales move.

  • I am a cotton company which process for others, why using ID-COTTON?

    There is nothing more transparent for the plant processing cotton than the ID-COTTON solution. By using ID-COTTON you will have a complete management of cotton entry, yard organization and processing. Producers can be notified in real time of all movements of sent bales, with peace of mind and reliability on the process.

  • Why adding ID-COTTON tag to the ABRAPA tag?

    The ABRAPA label already allows for traceability for the cotton lint. However, when a ID-COTTON tag is added to the ABRAPA tag, you will not only get the traceability for the entire cotton production process, but will use it for load management and blocking, and will certainly add value to your customer who will be able to use the same tag for continued traceability.

  • Any further questions regarding ID-COTTON?

    Get in touch, we are glad to answer them.

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